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Maria Rossi Sideri

Sacred Sexuality

An invitation to co-create meaning. What do we mean when we refer to sexuality as a “sacred space”? More than a lecture, here is a space to have an open conversation on principles such as: – Sexuality is beautiful and sacred. – Sexuality is pure in its inherent primordial matter and made of the same substance as cosmic matter. – There are no limits that can apply to its expression apart from consent. You are all welcome to contribute with reflections, ideas, and personal experiences.


Maria R. Sideri, M.Sc., M.A. Maria Rossi Sideri is a psychologist, psychotherapist, and professional member of EUROTAS. Trained in holistic sexuality, female sexuality, Reichian/Lowenian body-oriented psychotherapy, dance movement therapy, and transcultural mental health. Student of different teachers of the Buddhist and the Shivaist tantric tradition. Co-founder and president of the Spanish Association of Transpersonal Somatic Psychology “PsiqueSoma”. Creator of the methodology of “Transpersonal Dance Therapy PsiqueSoma Sistem”. Since 2009 she attends people who wish to re-establish the connection of the body-mind-spirit from a psychosomatic perspective.