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Maria Islas

Xochimetsli: The Flowering of Consciousness

Human life is a continuity, ancestral culture never goes out of date: it is simply translated in new ways, it adapts to live as it is a living and evolving organism. Thus, what we call ´ancestral´ is always contemporary because it provides support to create reflections on human existence and self-awareness, it offers us profound experiences regarding our location in the world: ´I in the world, the world and me´. Ancestry is like ´a grandmother´, a fertile living organism that cosmically gives birth to daily life. It can be also imagined as one vast night with its own shine that can expand the personal universe, particularly when it is experienced from within its own symbolic and energetic logic. In this workshop we will co-create experiential study spaces that will allow us to develop here and now understanding about the conscious movement of energy, key principles, and essential embodied rhythms of Anawakan archetypes of cycles of renewal.


I am a Mexican woman involved in the creation of a variety of re-educational processes that integrate the expressive arts, transpersonal psychology, embodiment practices, and original Mexican sacred knowledge in favor of sensing-knowing and expressing our human essences in more harmonious, natural and pleasurable ways. I co-create experiential study spaces to translate knowledge belonging to original ancestry into didactic and therapeutic methodologies accessible to all human beings in search of deep reflection, the recovery of spontaneity and personal and collective reorientation. Clinical psychologist from the Claustro de Sor Juana University, professional studies in psychoanalysis and existential psychotherapy, transpersonal psychotherapist, Educator and Somatic Movement Therapist, Vijñana Yoga training (600 hours), pre-hispanic dancer, temaskalli medicine-woman and textile artist. Co-creator of Instituto Macuil (2015) where I facilitate specialized transpersonal training programs.