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Maria Cristina Paola Marcato

Journey towards ‘transparency’ through creatures: lauded be!!

Through the Canticle of Brother Sun or Canticle of the Creatures, we will accompany ourselves on the transformative journey that the Transpersonal Self and the harmonic qualities of the forces of nature allow every man or woman of goodwill. Every manifestation of life ‘bears meaning’ of the universal Love that created it. We will give ourselves the opportunity to enter into “transe” through the qualities proposed by Francis of Assisi and experience “Transparency”: everything shows the Source, starting with the human being, Creature among Creatures. The infinite and powerful vertical yearning towards the Transpersonal Self cannot become separation and spiritual bypassing but, precisely through the conscious observation of the horizontal dimension, the integration of the Allied Forces and the overcoming of personal history up to the great embrace of “sister death”, we realise that Unity is always present.


Maria Cristina Paola Marcato, transpersonal counsellor specialised in Biotransenergetics at the ITI School of Counseling and Psychotherapy in Milan, graduate in Marketing and Communication, spiritual researcher/ ‘troubadour’, entrepreneur and mother in love. Just as a midwife assists and facilitates the delivery of a newborn baby, I assist and accompany the birth of the human being, in every phase of life; especially those in which one is born and dies. What I do is accompany the knowledge of ‘how we are made’ and facilitate communication between the different planes of consciousness. I hold individual and group meetings to help people be born and accompany them to live life to the full in the expression of their talents. In the helping relationship I am inspired by the Gospel, Franciscan spirituality and Christian mysticism. I am co-founder of the educational project L’Albero di Pipal (Pipal’s Tree), which since 2019 has been concerned with conscious education and involves educators, children and parents.