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Maria Cristina de Barros

Clinical management of Spiritual Experiences: integrating spirituality in the clinical practice of health professionals

At this current moment, there is already clear scientific evidence about the importance of the spiritual dimension for individual and collective mental health. However, there is also a need to build new perspectives and models of working with spiritual transformative experiences, as they are incredibly prevalent within the general Brazilian population, across all strata of society. To achieve this aim, we have recently designed a creative group-working online program for psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, medical doctors, nurses and health professionals in general, to work out cultural sensitive techniques for dealing with spiritual/anomalous experiences. During 2 hours of sharing experiences, sensations, insights and challenges, we’ve created a peer support space that can facilitate the recognition of personal resources and good coping strategies suitable for working with the transpersonal realm, which can therefore qualify their clinical work at health care in Brazil.



Degree in Psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the University of São Paulo (1989), Masters degree in Developmental Psychology at the same institution (1999) and PhD in Sciences of Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry of FMUSP (2022). She specialized in Transpersonal Psychology at the Portuguese-Brazilian Transpersonal Association (ALUBRAT) in 2004. Member of the Brazilian Society of Psychooncology, she was a representative of this association for the South region and professor in the Graduate Program of Distance Learning at PUCRS. Cristina is currently ALUBRAT’s vice president and director of the Humana Mundi Clinic, where she facilitates individual psychotherapy sessions, courses and workshops. She is member of the International Commission of the International Transpersonal Association (ITA), and a founding member of ATI-Asociación Transpersonal Iberoamericana.