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Marco Jäggi

Wellbeing & Happiness

Research shows that our brain performs best when we are happy, positive and optimistic. Yet our society is well prepared to overwhelm us with negativity, worries, stress and pessimism. More or less subtly we have been educated to think of happiness as a state that will occur in the future. The proposed model of thinking assumes that happiness is the product of success. The opposite is true: happiness produces success. My thesis proposes a paradigm shift: working for our own happiness, promoting the same change to our loved ones and those close to us, in this way we will be taken over by happiness, and success will not be long in coming.


Born in 1958, Swiss but with long business experience in Italy, UK, Asia, South America. Assessor, consultant, trainer, coach and editorial director of ‘Emozioni’. He takes this latter commitment very seriously, as does his profession. He still manages to be passionate and fun. Taken by an inappropriate and annoying missionary zeal, he talks to everyone about the research on human nature, relationships, leadership, and productivity by Nathaniel Branden, Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, Richard Davidson, Daniel Goleman, Pier Luigi Lattuada, Abraham Maslow, Martha Nussbaum, Giacomo Rizzolatti, Martin Seligman, and the methods and tools proposed by: Madelyn Burley Allen, Alessandra Colonna, Todd Davis, Edward De Bono, Dennis Jaffe, Simon Sinek, Lyle and Sign Spencer. Friends listen to him with condescending patience, enemies? They do not weave.