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Marco Giacomo Bonalanza

Universal Justice and Human Laws (Ius Positum)

Can we assume that the source of Law is Justice? And assume that it draws its roots from it?
Why does positive law (Constitutions and laws of all degrees and levels) reveal, today more than ever, that the much-declared purpose of ensuring justice in the world has failed miserably?
What really is Sovereignty?
Why does it affect us so closely that its correct framing is of vital importance at this time of great pathos for Humanity?
What is really happening in many parts of the planet, beyond the facade, beyond the superficiality of mass information?
Bringing these issues to light is the proper maieutics of the spiritual ethical lawyer


Marco Silvio Jäggi says of him: He is a man of extraordinary culture, attracted by multiple interests, he combines the legal profession, which he performs with mastery, with the continuous quest for knowledge. With him, it is possible to talk about philosophy and shamanism, as well as democracy and the expectations of justice of the individual members of the tribes that underpin nations. A romantic humanist, Swiss by adoption and Italian by birth, husband of Antonella and father of Micaela and Rachele.