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Marco Bertali

Political action as ethical-spiritual testimony: the ‘Warrior of Psyche’ takes the field!

The false narrative about the covid syndemic has made dissenters and resisters, some better termed ‘awakened in Life’, realise how homologising and omertous ‘science’ is at the service of the globalist economic-financial potentates and political lackeys; at the service like the main stream media, true instruments of regime propaganda. One of the tasks of those who are on a spiritual path of realisation then is also to give ethical testimony by taking to the streets of protest and the agonies of politics. 
The “Warrior of Psyche” certainly meditates, prays and blesses, every “Holy” day, creating energetic-conscious resonances of Goodwill and compassion; but at the same time he descends from the turris eburnea and from the heights of Heaven, to make his determined and decisive contribution in opposing the diabolical Empire of Evil that is increasingly widespread on a planetary level, thus bowing, humbly, trustingly and faithfully, to the establishment of the Divine Plan on Earth.
 Political commitment must then be understood as the refinement, exaltation and verification of one’s spiritual and fulfilling path. And this regardless of any electoral results; for the “Warrior of Psyche”, in fact, victory is primarily interior and has to do with the dutiful fulfilment of one’s inescapable existential mandate. In this perspective, the original meditation “The Awakening of the Warrior of Psyche to the 7 Virtues” gives clear orientation and incisive determination.


Psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist. 
He worked as a psychiatrist (level I medical director) at the Gorizia Mental Health Centre from 1983 until 2018 (year of retirement).
Currently involved in associations: president of AMA-Line di Sconfine (Gorizia) and board member of Alister (Trieste).
Contact person for SOS Cervello-Campaign for psychopharmacology-vigilance and social re-animation.
 Has published several books and multimedia works. Speaker at numerous conferences, round tables, seminars, lectures; guest on many TV and radio programmes. During the covid period, he took a strongly critical stance on the prevailing political and media approach, even taking part in numerous street demonstrations He was an alternate municipal councillor in Trieste and a candidate for the Senate and Regional Council of Friuli Venezia Giulia.