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Marcello Aragona

Between the Star and the Heart: a path to inner energy ecology

Suffering, illness, destructive emotions, etc., are expressions of obstacles in the energy flow, individual and collective, due to inner separations along the central axis of communication between the Soul Star and the Heart, between earth and heaven. The model of “Inner Energy Ecology,” especially in oncology, is geared toward purifying and transforming obstacles in communication between soul and heart into opportunities for realization of the soul’s blueprint for healing and well-being. It is based on the Ways of the Soul, and Death and Rebirth Experiences, mastery of attention, intuition, perception, needs, emotions, beliefs, actions, behavioral-social-energetic habits that generate fate, favorable or not, in complex feedback loops. The model integrates psycho-corporeal, energetic, creative, meditative, Shamanic, Psychosynthetic, Transpersonal, Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga practices between biomedical and spiritual sciences.


Aggregate professor of Medical Oncology since 1986, and transpersonal-oriented psychotherapist since 1999, at UOC of Medical Oncology with Hospice, Dept. of Human Pathology DETEV, University Polyclinic of Messina. I have used many roles: as a man, doctor, psychotherapist, especially in oncology, personal and spiritual growth. I have been practicing meditation for 45 years, Nepalese shamanism for 20 years, pranic Healing for 10 years. I try to operate from Soul to Soul. I have promoted the transformation and utilization of suffering and stress to facilitate harmonization and union with the Self, with Soul, as a path of healing and to bring well-being around me. It is the Soul Being that heals. I have written over 250 scientific publications and reported at national and international conferences. I published in 2009 the book ´Fisiopatologia delle Stress´ and in 2022 ´Risveglio dell´anima: il libro che emerge dal silenzio´, where I described the method I will present.