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Marc-Antoine Masri

Ancestral Wisdom Lineages, Sacred Plant Medicines, Transpersonal Psychology: The relationship between healing and awakening

My intention is to explore and develop on the value of ancestral lineages and transmissions imbedded in a modern approach of transpersonal psychology. From my perspective, the relationship between healing and awakening is a fundamental aspect of any Transpersonal approach. Without engaging on a healing journey, awakening lacks a good fertile soil to be fully integrated in a harmonious flow of presence. Without a complete path of awakening rooted in our true nature and supported by the power of ancestral lineage and transmission, seeking healing, whether through modern psychotherapy or sacred plant medicines, will not be enough to totally free oneself from suffering, and it could even create identifications which can become major obstacles on the path of liberation. Our ancestors have done a great endeavor in preserving, through uninterrupted lineage, the transmission of the “inner treasure map” for realizing our true nature. It’s also deeply embedded in the nature around us, infused in the plants and the animals and the mountains and the oceans, all there to support us in recognizing our primordial state. There is an underlying intelligence in nature which is communicating with us, whispering our names back home. I refer to this as the evolutionary Mycelium of our ancestors guiding us in the birth of an Ancient Future rooted in a harmonious state of presence. It is alive and it is growing also through the Transpersonal movement into society, as we bring all of the pieces of the puzzle together.


Marc-Antoine Masri has a rather original background, with Masters degree in International Business, while deepening interest in psychology, quantum physics, altered states of consciousness, plant medicine, anthropology/ethnology and the ancestral traditions from around the world. Very inspired by the works of Carl Jung and Stanislav Grof, in parallel to his master´s degree he trained in Grof Holotropic Breathwork with the IRETT (currently CesHum), cultivating knowledge of transpersonal psychotherapy which he continues to learn as part of a certified international training with the I.I.B.P. Guided by life and plants, he traveled extensively and is initiated in Amazonian, Andean, Tibetan, Huichol, Mayan, Bwiti, Sufi, and Hindu lineages among the main ones. His main practice is the cultivation of instant Presence of Awareness as transmitted through the Dzogchen teachings by Rigzin Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. He is fascinated by the healing power of breath, sound, and dance, and his heart calls to share their medicine through transformational gatherings. Also trained in Tibetan Kunye massage and the foundation of Tibetan medicine with Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo, as well as healing through ancestral sounds with Tito la Rosa. He has been collaborating since 2018 in the creation of the Tribal Gathering festival in Panama, which brings together over 60 indigenous tribes from around the world each year. Currently youngest board member of EUROTAS, the global transpersonal network (, he is committed to rekindle humanity´s connection with Mother Earth´s flow of harmony through developing a grounded Transpersonal vision rooted in ancestral wisdom.