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Maite Pardo Sol

Andean Offering to Mother Earth for Awakening

A “Despacho” is a ritual offering that we make to the Spirits of nature as part of a cosmos of living energy to which the human being is connected. In the Andean Cosmovision, the “Despacho” consists of a communication with the archetypal forces and powers, which are respected and revered because life comes from them. We will carry out this Despacho, from the field of work of transpersonal psychotherapy, for inner peace and the healing of all relationships: with ourselves, with others and with the transcendent divine; honoring our ancestors and those who will come after, to heal our present. We will spread this healing energy to all sentient beings. In the certainty that there are transcendental archetypal forces that can heal wounds and traumas at a deeper level than the merely human, since each person is part of a network of subtle relationships with all that Is.



Mantras, dance, prayer, meditation, joy, silence… They are the simple elements with which we propose a path towards meeting and connection, an opportunity to enter into deep meditation with the words and sacred movements of the most diverse ancestral traditions: Sufism, Judaism, Christianity, shamanism, Hinduism… With the Dances we discover the Place where we are One, beyond rites, words and ideas, beyond borders, One in the fullness of Harmony and Beauty. Every moment rushes at us from everywhere the call of love.


Pedagogue. Transpersonal psychotherapist. International Pedagogical Coordinator of the Pneuma Institute. In love with ancestral traditions, I have been researching their eternal wisdom for more than 20 years to apply it to the personal and spiritual development of today´s men and women. Specialist in the study of dreams, I offer training: ´Pneuma Dreamwork, dreams for awakening´. I have also developed training in ´Solar Magnetism-Light Therapy´, a form of energy therapy that includes the use of universal symbols and archetypes. I have coordinated the Inkarri project within the Pneuma Institute, a solidarity project with the Q´eros Nation of Peru, accompanying Doña María Apaza on her tour of Europe for two years.