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Magda Sole Galofre

The psicotherapist career as an “Iniciatic Journey” or Hero Journey

The path to became Transpersonal Psichotherapist, very often, looks like a pilgrimage, an Initiate Journey of transformation, crossing several thresholds, several challenges, where ancient spiritual traditions use to describe, as well the “Camino de Santiago” and the “Goose Game” as a secret and sacred way.


Clinic Psychologist and Psychotherapist, She is the creator of Empagenia and Ethnotherapy methods President of I.P.T.B Vice-president of Eurotas. Member of Committee for Certification and Accreditation of Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Founder and Chair of Eurotas Department of Ethnological Knowledges and Anthropology, EUREKA. Founder Institute Transpersonal Psychology Barcelona and Mexico Master in Psychoanalysis and Psycho-diagnosis, Psychosynthesis in Mexico, and USA. Professor at University of Barcelona Research Mexican indigenous. Ethno-therapeutic groups of Shamanic Mexico, Uzbekistan, and Siberia since 1990. Teaching and workshops in more than 25 countries over the world, America, Europe, Central Asia, India, Russia, China, and Middle East. Collaborates with International Institute for Consciousness Exploration, Germany; Humanistic Institute, Hezong Institute, China; Instituto Macuil, Mexico; Instituto BV, Chile,, Instituto de Psiquiatria, Sao Paulo, Clinica de Psihiatrie, Romania, Ceshum, France, Transpersonal Psychology I. Gulf Countries (GCC). Publications: “Hallucinogens: Psilocybin” in Neurosciences.; “Brain 2.0”; “Consciousness” Mandala Ed., articles, and media.