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Lucinda Edmonds

PERFORMANCE – Undertones and side notes

A Channelled clown performance ritual. Well, who is to know for certain what will happen?

We will start with CHANELLE coming and warming the crowd, she’ll introduce 4 of my inner voices (they vary – in accordance to what’s present on the night, normally taking the form of the inner critic, the dreamer, people pleaser, avoidant). She then begins to interact with the audience, inviting them into audience participation, ridiculous rituals, blurring the lines of who is the performance. As we proceed the varies internal voices will pop up, when they do she will stand in their appointed places and embodied their dialogue. It’s the wild, hilarious embodiment of our humanness, revealing the painful, brilliant internal undertones and side notes behind actions. I don’t have any videos of this performance and it’s in the making, however below are treats for passed events and present workshops. A performance piece that reveals and tickles us with the things most of us most the time are trying to hide. By me being the centre of the joke, the ego calms, but people laugh because they know it, themselves or recognised it. It’s deep while entering the side door of laughter.


Lucinda Edmonds is a performance artist, channel, ritualist and creative facilitator. Her vision is to connect with the divine to allow life to move through us unhindered, authentic, and playful. She trained as a celebrant and movement therapist as well as in action theatre and ritual creation. Lucinda worked as a coach for Lacey Haynes, the UK’s leading sexuality coach, led transformational programmes for teenagers, and performed in Walk About and Immersive Theatre internationally. She currently holds one-to-one healing sessions, runs workshops and retreats, and creates Walk About theatre performances.