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Louis Robert

101 Applications of Cardiac Coherence

Cardiac coherence is knowing a growing influence as a well-being practice and in the field of alternative therapies. After a brief review of the underlying physiological mecanisms that explain the efficiency of cardiac coherence breathing in reducing stress and improving health and general wellbeing, I will share inspiring suggestions to make you discover new and enriching ways to practice cardiac coherence to add creativity and fun to your lifestyle and professional field, so as to enhance the benefits of the practice as well as to get synergic results when combined with activities and therapies that also promote health and wellbeing. I will show you how cardiac coherence can help you to better relate either with yourself (both in body, mind and soul) either with others (whether your intimate partner, people in general or your patients).


Louis Robert is a French medical Doctor Born in 1989, he developped early a keen interest for yoga and meditation. During his long studies, he committed himself to a daily discipline of meditation and breath work. He has been practicing Kriya yoga meditation for over 14 years. Alongside his studies, he translated for several yoga workshops, where he met his partner Maji-da Abdi in 2015, whose intuition later inspired him to choose cardiac coherence as his PhD thesis subject, a breathing method in resonance with his aspirations that he wished to promote into the field of general medicine. He graduated in 2021 and was awarded with a bronze medal, as the first general practitioner in France to write a PhD thesis on the subject of cardiac coherence, which enabled him to create a bridge between his professional work and his personal exploration in alternative therapies, as well as to improve the lifestyle of many of his patients who implemented it.