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Loretta Illuminati

Beyond the Mask: from the primordial clay veil to the unveiling of the Self

The workshop aims to provide an intense psycho-body experience that allows participants to take an inner journey of awareness into their ego masks. These superstructures are important protective parts of the personality, which need to be known and integrated, in order to reach the most complete knowledge possible of the Inner Self, the place of our elevated Consciousness, free from personal history and related traumas, and consequently the manifestation of our authentic Nature, of our most powerful and true inner resources, of our free, wild and healthy deep fire. The practice will lead participants to discover their own masks, aided by the use of Mother Earth medicines such as clay and essential oils. They will go through the ambushes of the 4 directions of the Medicine Wheel according to the Mesoamerican shamanic tradition. The workshop is co-conducted with Loretta Illuminati, Elena Casiraghi and Paola Gares.



The one who faces a spiritual emergency or psycho-spiritual crisis is the one who is called upon to master his or her own inner processes, but also the one who will recognise the strong sense of the profound purposes of existence. The inability to obey one’s vital function places the person in a perpetual state of crisis. Without a supportive atmosphere, without real self-work, there is no possibility to trust in our ability to release potentialities that exist within us and in others. As stated by many shamanic communities, healing and harmony are restored when the individual remembers his or her true identity and reconnects with the spirit world, when one is in touch with an inner wisdom. Biotransenergetics offers psycho-spiritual work to create the field so as to allow the expansion of consciousness to arrive at a clear vision of self and express all the potential that is held within us. The expansion of consciousness brought about by suffering, by the conscious will to go through it, will lead to the expansion, the widening of consciousness. Through this theoretical-practical workshop, led by members of the Spiritual Emergency Unit, we will see how to reconnect with the allies of our path to bring strength and courage to those who are going through a trial or crisis. I am going to see the shoulders of the giants on which my spirit stands. The spirit archetypes that dwell within me correspond to an inner fire: the key that opens the door of trust, of support, of the source to which I drink as I remember why I am here, what my purpose is.



A true collective work is proposed for this Eurotas 2023. The Archetypes will be the protagonists of a universal tale poured into sacred space. A kind of archetypal happening-performance-workshop that will be staged in a circular process where spectator and protagonist become one, following a creative flow that will be facilitated by a conduction aimed at this purpose. The dimension of the circle, symbol of sacred geometry, becomes a collective ceremony to incorporate and dance the archetypal, so that we can tap into the vital forces that dwell within us, forces that we can contact and awaken. Orixàs, divinities, heroes and heroines, caboclos, ancestral men and women, sacred animals and mythological creatures in an exciting scenic evolution that will be created to access the Time of Dreaming. This shared space wants to be a hymn to life that asks us for a full involvement of our physicality to return to unite body, soul and spirit, mudras, mantras and yantras. The intention is to ride on self-expression in a transpersonal and transcultural space combining dance, music, symbol, light, shadow, the power of gesture and the power of sound. Participants are asked to bring their own personal power and, if they wish, their own energy and power dress code, galloping a progressive expansion of memories, imagination and consciousness, without censorship. The co-hosts and coordinators of the event are Loretta Illuminati and Fabio Freddi.



Loretta Illuminati, psychologist and transpersonal psychotherapist. Her keen interest lies in talking about ethics and ecological consciousness. Her aim is to develop awareness and behaviour, first as a human being and then in clinical practice, through the holistic-integral-systemic paradigm in which we understand the living and all that exists from a unified and interconnected perspective. It means contemplating the revolutionary new understanding of consciousness, the nature of living systems and the nature of reality, to transcend the boundaries of the rational mind and the material world by recognising the existence of much broader horizons. Topics she also discusses in her book “Le vie della trasformazione. Cambiare vita con la psicologia archetipica e la Biotransenergetica” (ITI editions, 2020). It is in the spirit of this contemplation that she works, continues to research and make her own contribution. She lives and works in the province of Rimini.