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Lorenza Gazziero

Holy Bread

Once upon a time, but at that time nothing was … a story of bread and sisterhood, of hands reaching out to the hearth, kneading Matter with Spirit. Like ancient stories, passed down in bonfires circles, we would like to donate our personal and transpersonal experience -equal to broken bread to be shared among participants – of our June seminar called ´Sacred Bread´. We will talk about the kneading to make bread and how it contains an alchemical process, mixing flour and water, giving birth to the Sacred Bread. Likewise, this could be mirrored in the physical experience in this world, flowing into no-ordinary states of consciousness, to meet the Father, archetypal figure that can be metaphorically associated with the bread itself. In the background of this process, there is our ´here and now´ comfy space of our friendship, together with a common spiritual journey, sciented by the bread fragrance. Ancient, archetypal, sacred.


Psychologist and Transpersonal Psychoterapist, I have 20 years of experience as Human Resources Manager for big Corporations, dealing with coaching activities towards the Managerial chain and working in the area of personal and professional development. I am a certified Trainer and have the opportunity to be a permanent speaker at Universities and Career Fairs, lecturing young people. Passionate about human beings, living between the matter and the spirit.