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Liv S. M. Evensen

“Mary, go and tell my brothers, some and many are waiting for Earth’s Heartbeat!”

Liv S. M. Evensen: ….  upon Mary finding the grave of Christ empty.  On the intuitive natural healing arts/art therapies: Medicine Circle: At The Edge of Time, from my Cosmic-Earthly Art Nouveau, my LifeArt: l will speak about three of my co-created painting with Spirits of Most High come to me from a Channel  filled with Love and Pure Colors Lined with Gold, as ideas gently floated through to me from The Souls of The Divine… through the air…as it were… from a small distance, yet far, yet very close and gently felt, my hands and chalks danced in intuition, l trusted my hands in my «bubble» l was surrounded by Light, across the canvasses as Spirit dreamed with me through the nights, gently «fishing up threads of past and present lives… oh, how to express oneself other than letting it unfold… knowing after a while the multilayeredness of a soul’s metaphores as the thoughts of… what…and how…expressed itself there in dancing lines of poetry, colours, l fell in love with the process..the very painting as l laboured… intuitively… in front of each one, gently laughing afterwards: «oh! is that not…like Jonah in The Belly of…that Whale? Healing beautifully there inside?!», or: «Yes! I want to make a face in there, of that very Sun, how do l express it soft and strong enough so that She Shines like A Sun, She surely comes from there! Another sphere, yet.. a rainbowed Journey that were… she must not look like a ghost, might it not be A… The Holy Ghost «itself», l am thinking  now as l am writing to you, dear reader of these words of loving care, too, gently, slowly… meditatively l would «penetrate» the secret of how to…accomplish… it took days..of looking and searching perhaps…as l was developing my First Cause communicating between us, without fully knowing it was so… in the painter’s world it is called «to be in flow»… yet…in the aftermath of thinking about it now… it felt completely natural… to be co-creating with «them» who were sent me…»specifically» from The Highest… who knows… looking for ways to reach His Children, us, The Earthlinks…pun intended… as my painting «career» began upon an advice, in 2012: Liv, do develop your painter’s talent, «if you want to see again», l had pulled «the blinds down in around 2005 as l was attacked…it was an accident, but l nearly died, (three years thereaft The Spirits thought l would not make it, but l am still here,l was never given up on from Him and team who do so care…) Spirit of Most High came to me during the nights… as he could reach me those ways… in my deep fright… bringing me purified gifts… from the spiritual www, my very and many and varied lives…upon this planet…. there is more to say… initially, l pushed it away as… «just something l had made myself»… but dear reader of also these words of comfort from my very soul, that was exactly it!!!  and from there and on: what became my soul’s journeys- dreamscapes along dream- and songlines ala the Maori, completely without drug inducement of any kind! I had worked with only sound! …painting, movement and dance! as l sat there writing from 2005, my Guides worked with me…till they summoned HIM, from 2007 AD l could gently feel His Presence behind me, l caught a glimpse of Him from the corner of my eye, as… The Gentle Winds of Life «blew through us both, from Him through me as l sat down to write… poetry…for the next 20 years of my life… (came to be Tales of Transformstions, turned out… we were many… on the roads from East China around 1169 AD, now, how could l have known that…that l was a Chinese female tao poet, of no fame, then, with many aspects to my soul/links in also South East Asia, then…now, ( l do not for the present time know who they are) one may call «it», my dear reading these words, too, friends, as we were Many, Spirit of Most High came around, knocked upon many A Heart’s door, many responded… many began their sacred Inner Journeys in those days and this age, along the now Silken Road to Samarkand, Uzbekistan, from East-China, many a table was turned around… they thought they were headed for destruction, dear reader of mine: no such thing! Much was given, much was mined in these Souls now Inner archeology, we were found… and we found… , dear reader o’mine, a possible future genocide has been prevented along those soulbondslines… as The Hand of The Divine «came around», gently Spirit of Most High communicated to us in a dance of lives/Life individually and between us… like the song: Love is in the Air, peoples’ lives were saved, also mine, still: not without my listening within, working with the messages l got, slowly slowly my trust was gained. My trusting the Universe within. This, from my Unio Mystica, writing, dancing and painting as the most suitable healing helpers from Spirit «Beyond» was appointed me, the very right ones for longer stretches along the roads (often less travelled: let me recommend it❤️, there is so much co-creating work to be done on Earth’s roads to The Golden Dawn… One of my paintings have been shown at Night at Time’s Square, New York, even, Rome, Paris, London: now they are travelling around to encourage people to get hesling.  LivE’Art – Dream’Art’Space’Art’Discovery’too ( and, see Info in English as well). From my Unio Mystica, Near-death Experiences, Transfigurative Journeys (for those who «adhere» to labels 😊) I was given a choice, much later on, to continue with that: Theory or practice: l chose LOVE (Which is the Road back also through here, that is: PRACTICE /like in Dante’s purification like in Sufi dances and Rumi, too🦉and in writing, too, and slow ascension: as there is Inner work to do, and on A Course in Miracles,, too) East West North and South, too)(that, too🌿🍃): The Fabel Lab Creative Workshops, Some references: my own experiences along multivarious multipaths yet not alone.  «Jesus, My Autobiography» + «Making Love to God», both channelled through Tina L. Spalding (2014), «The Healing of The Western Soul», Judith S. Miller, «Jesus and Buddha, Mighty Companions», Gary Renard, and many others.


«INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OF TIME», internationally awarded, inspired paintings in «The Gap between Heaven and Earth», wholly intuitively, co-created with Cezanne and El Greco, from a channel of Gold filled with pure colours of Love for ideas and lives’ transformations back to Love and Beauty, as you work along in dance and song, on the canvasses through your hands, dream on, dream on. EARLIER radio journalist, director + producer of children’s theater, inspired writer, editor of mental health magazine, international expressive arts teacher, now children, chair of international creative workshops, jewelry designer. Extensive theatre studies/clown, too. Born Oct. 7, 1949 + live in Oslo, Norway, lived,worked in Canada, USA, UK. Travels in east- west and south, Inner and outer. LIV’E’ART– DREAM’ART – SPACE’ART’ – DISCOVERY, too. Member of Oslo Art Guild, Adults for Children. Fabel Lab Creative Workshops. – paintings internationally awarded. Award winning AUTHORSHIP: «Tales of Transformations, Shamanistically Speaking”/Unio Mystica: dreamscapes along songlines ala the Maori, with Spirit of Most High, we were many who came along the now Silken Road: East China to Samarkand, Usbeqistan. «A possible future genocide has been prevented». ART EDUCATION: Nydalen Art College and Ingrid Thortveit Art. Earlier: Expressive Arts Therapies, B.Sc. – MA, Edu. sciences, (incl. drama + media) University of Oslo, Norway/and the late Thelma Patricia: Expressive arts/pictorial, Meditated on sound/movements/inspired writings-paintings.