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Lita Melbarde

Labyrinth Workshop – from Darkness to Light

The labyrinth is a physical representation of the journey from darkness to light, with participants walking the winding path as a metaphor for their own journey of emergence. Along the way, participants can encounter symbolic obstacles or challenges that represent the difficulties they have faced in their lives, and then emerge into the center of the labyrinth as a symbol of coming out of darkness.

By engaging with the labyrinth, individuals can learn to trust their own intuition, become more self-aware, and develop a greater sense of purpose and direction in life.

This workshop is held together with Ligija Braža.



This is the practice of hearing and following your inner voice. In the forest, blindfolded with companions, obstacles and crossroads. It is like a metaphorical search for your way out of the cave through bodily sensations, listening that allows you to see your behavior patterns, emotional reactions, search for solutions, tension and the ability to trust. It will be a journey in the woods literally and figuratively. This is a workshop where to test your Life journey safely. There is limited amount of participants possible in this jorney, so sign up before.

This workshop is held together with Jolanta Jaunzeme.


Lita Melbarde, transpersonal psychotherapist. My passion is living comfortably with my feelings, body and soul. It’s been a long way to get closer to harmony and I am still on the road, but I feel the difference and that’s what I want to share to those who are interested and also seeking. While this journey I met transpersonal psychotherapy in Latvian Transpersonal Education Institute 2016 and started to study and live it myself. I call it living because for me it’s only way how to adopt it in everyday life.