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Liora Birnbaum

The Psychology of the Soul: The Self in Transition

The Psychology of the Soul is an innovative psycho – spiritual theory, which views the formation and development of the self as an interrelated process, between the time limited personality (self) and the timeless soul (Self).
This new psychology, retrieves new transpersonal data, using consciousness as a research instrument (channeling), in order to shed new transformative light on patient’s self and reality perception.
Varied personality theories, focus on the formation of the self from birth to death, however in a rapidly changing world, necessary as it might be, it is no longer sufficient.
Such innovative knowledge allows us to provide alternative explanations, by which mental and emotional patterns could be comprehended. General psychology tends to treat them as “disorders” or psychopathology.
Now days, we are exposed to new Cosmic energy; New Cosmic energetic constellations are formed, and affect the planets’ consciousness at all levels.
No personality theory, to the best of my knowledge, has yet linked the transformative nature of the self with changing Cosmic constellations.
The “self in transition”; suggests a possible linkage, between the integrated Self and these new constellations, similar to the way the particle relates to the wave.

We ask:

1. How does the Self in transition adopt to new energetic constellations, on a personal level?
2. Can human personality be modified? To what extent? Or is it a non-changing structure?
3. Might the personality dissolve into the authentic Self, in lieu of such a dramatic energetic shift? What then?
4. What can we learn about the concept of ‘personality organization’, in relation to this new energy?
5. How can psychotherapy mediate these new ideas to patients while encouraging consciousness transcendence?



Former Head of B.A S/W program in Israeli academia and an independent researcher. She holds academic degrees in education, philosophy, social work & psychology. Liora’s pioneering work on administering mindfulness meditation workshops to social work students, paved her way to further integrate alter states of consciousness into psychotherapy As an experienced channeler she works regularly with Universal Consciousness for the benefit of her patients and students. She has obtained a large body of knowledge organized as The Psychology of the Soul, which is taught in her courses and workshops Her work is published internationally and she is currently working on a book summarizing 20 years of research. She serves in the editorial board of several international journals.