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Lindy McMullin

If Transpersonal Psychology belongs to the 4th Wave in Psychology, how can the Rainbow Effect influence the 5th, 6th and 7th Wave?

The core of the talk will focus on the future of psychology, psychotherapy and counseling that includes the Rainbow Effect. This unique perspective will be introduced by Lindy McMullin in an equally unique way during the talk, highlighting possibilities and potentialities for the future of the Transpersonal Perspective in mainstream psychology.

Ubuntu suggests that we are human because we belong. Belonging to a transpersonal community requires strength of conviction, steadfastness, faith, innovation and a constant attempt to actualize the field. In her talk, Dr Lindy McMullin will share her vision of what the transpersonal community needs to do if they wish to take a leap forward and awaken those who still sleep at the foot of Jacob’s ladder, or nestle in Plato’s cave waiting for the cave itself to disappear from sight. As all this appears to be a dream, the Butterfly Effect may well ripple through our community at large as well as the world, contributing to the field of mainstream psychology, psychotherapy and counseling amongst other. As the time has come to revisit, reflect, recognize and renew, Dr McMullin will share the incredible journey she has been on that manifested the Butterfly Effect in Greece.


Lindy McMullin is a university lecturer and supervisor, transpersonal psychotherapist, author, and researcher. Her life’s work is dedicated to psychoeducation from a holistic point of view that incorporates teaching mindfulness and meditation as a way of life amongst other. Personal and professional development in the field of psychology and psychotherapy includes planting seeds in the youth of today through drama and theatrical skills, as well as encouraging students to become archaeologists of their personal self. All of Lindy’s work is aimed at deepening the understanding of life and the inner psyche, whilst building strong foundations through ancient traditions and the entire spectrum of psychological theories, that offer a changing perspective.