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Lindy McMullin

Teaching of Mysteries in the Cave

We call Hestia, Goddess of the hearth, to the stage in this artistic performance. Goddess of hearth and temple fire, of the spiritual center of the world, and of all sacred places, Hestia, beloved Goddess of the flame enters the cave. She brings light to all those who cannot see or hear, and who wait for knowledge that comes through her spiritual flame. In the sacred darkness of light, she teaches of the Mysteries of the Cave.


Dr. Lindy McMullin has a post graduate certificate in Western Esotericism, a Master of Science in Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness Studies, and a PhD in Educational Psychology, amongst other diplomas and degrees that qualify her to teach the young who will inherit this world. Apart from her work as a transpersonal psychotherapist in private practice, (, she is a student counselor who also teaches on the University of Bolton MSc Program in Counselling and Positive Psychology, at New York College in Athens, Greece.