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Linda Corrias

Universal Justice and Human Laws (Ius Positum)

Can we assume that the source of Law is Justice? And assume that it draws its roots from it?

Why does positive law (Constitutions and laws of all degrees and levels) reveal, today more than ever, that the much-declared purpose of ensuring justice in the world has failed miserably?

What really is Sovereignty?

Why does it affect us so closely that its correct framing is of vital importance at this time of great pathos for Humanity?

What is really happening in many parts of the planet, beyond the facade, beyond the superficiality of mass information?

Bringing these issues to light is the proper maieutics of the spiritual ethical lawyer


I must introduce myself. Who is Linda Corrias? I could tell you that I am a lawyer, what I specialise in, how many studies I have, the battles I have publicly fought… In short, I could tell you everything that is easy to find on the Net, since, although I have never looked for it, notoriety has come looking for me. But to you I would like to tell you who I really am. I am a person who, since childhood, has nurtured a deep idiosyncrasy for injustice. Perhaps that is also why I decided to go into the legal profession. As I grew up, I realised that the injustice that I ill-tolerated in children manifested itself in adults in increasingly hateful forms: abuse of power, judicial bullying, prevarication, partiality, all the way to the most fundamental violation of human rights. I think I have seen a wide range of almost all the different gradations of human injustice. I am a person who has decided to react to all this, using the weapon of law and the talent that Providence has made available to her. That is all. That is why I have fought and am fighting against any form of totalitarian imposition, against anything that even remotely hints at a drift towards a dictatorial regime. I have fought and I fight against any claim to impose ideologies that are contrary to nature, reason and man. I have fought and I fight against the anti-scientific idea of a science reduced to scientism, which claims to recognise as reality only what it can see, touch, analyse and measure. I have fought and I fight against the idea of a medicine reduced to a slavishly bureaucratic application of protocols and guidelines imposed by Power. I have fought and I fight to oppose truth to lies, to oppose the objective evidence of facts to the propaganda of Power, to break the indifference of an accomplice or conniving public opinion, to shout against the tide that ‘the King is naked’. This is Linda Corrias. Thank you.