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Liliane van der Velde

Retrieve the Soul of Humanity and the connection to our true Human Power. Find the missing link to get out of the cave, stand up and act.


From the ancient systemic vision, when a life principle is forgotten or a connection is broken, this missing link will reflect in the physical body or the group through illness, societal and ecological issues. In our actual world we see deviated power and authority, substitutes for health, relationships, communication, and even for food and for human beings ! These collective deseases are signs that we have forgotten our true authority and relationship to community and the Living. To heal this, we have to take back our innate Power to collaborate with Life. This connection is vital to make the leap for concrete change. Spirits can support us, and since Nature remains true to what she is and is always connected to life, she can help us remember

In this work we’ll call on the Spirits of the Living to reveal the ‘cave’ that keeps us back, heal the wounded parts of Humanity, reconnect to Authority, Ancestors, Allies and the Soul of Humanity. And come back to who we truly are : sacred Human Beings who can play our part for our children and the world.


Liliane van der Velde – Systemic shamanic trainer for professionals, body soul therapist. Born in 1962 in France from Dutch parents. Founder of école Nature Conscience Chamanisme, Author of L’Approche Chamanique de la Thérapie ® Developped systemic shamanic constellations to accompany companies and projects. research groups on healing collective issues, and cocreating our World of Tomorrow. As a young child I experienced connection to Light in Nature and later, the Earth showed me the suffering of Humanity in her womb. This awakened my calling to contribute to a better world by taking care of humans and Nature. After moving to Holland, due to separation from my native country, part of my family, nature, and not fulfilling my calling, I experienced soul loss. I then left medical school, went to the US and met Michael Harner and shamanism : there I discovered that Spirits are willing to help us heal, grow and take our rightful place on earth. But it is up to us to open ourselves to their teachings in order to evolve together! New website :