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Laura Morbioli

Yoga and Biotransenergetics: how to integrate the Orixàs experience into practice

Yoga is an ancient spiritual tradition aimed at self-realization. It includes postures, breathing practices, purification and meditation in a framework of deep wisdom, ethics and self-discipline. Biotransenergetics (BTE) is a psycho-spiritual approach that integrates ancient technologies of the sacred and new forms of working with the body-mind. Just like yoga, BTE offers a specific epistemology and a broad methodology for investigating and mastering the inner experience and dimensions of consciousness. It gives access to dialogue with the archetypal forces of nature, the Orixás of the Umbanda tradition. In this workshop you will feel the synergistic power of yoga and BTE to support your realization. The entire practice will be a continuous and deep reconnection with your Self and the archetypal forces. Its special feature will be to give you the tools to feel contact with the Orixás through yoga on a sacred journey of discovery and transformation.



In the Dreaming Body practices through the integration of ritual movements (mudras), breathing and sound (mantras) and mental visions (yantras), the mastery of psychic events (persistence of contact and mastery of transe) is realised, which creates the conditions for increased life energy and access to the forces of the spiritual world.


Physician, PhD in Neuroscience, teacher of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, in training in Biotransenergetic Psychotherapy (BTE). She began practicing yoga at age 17 and trained in various meditative traditions. She studied Sanskrit to access the original yogic wisdom resources. She has been teaching yoga since 2016 with a trauma-focused approach. Working in hospitals, she has followed patients with addictions finding enormous benefits in integrating these practices into healing processes. On this she has taught CME courses for health professionals in Veneto. She coordinated the publication of the text “Pratiche bottom-up nelle dipendenze: verso un nuovo approccio con se stessi e coi pazienti” ed. CLAD Onlus (2021). She has contributed to the publication of numerous articles and manuals in the field of addictions. She teaches CME courses for healthcare personnel; leads groups for patients in Psychiatry and in high schools, integrating yoga, meditation and BTE.