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Lama Michel Rinpoche

Lama Michel Rinpoche was born in Brazil in 1981 and began his journey in Buddhism when, at the age of five, he met T.Y.S Lama Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche (who would later recognise him as his spiritual son) and, at the age of eight, he was recognised as a tulku, the reincarnation of a Tibetan lama.

When he was only twelve years old, he decided to follow traditional monastic training, going to live and study in a monastery in southern India for twelve years, and for the next ten years, travelling annually to Tashi Lhunpo University in Tibet to complete his academic and monastic training. For much of his life, Lama Michel followed Lama Gangchen during his Dharma preaching missions in the West and his pilgrimages to holy places.

In addition to the Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre, he is spiritual director of dozens of centres in the NgalSo tradition around the world and in charge of eight foundations. Since 2014, he has offered thousands of hours of teachings on various social media platforms and on the NgalSo YouTube channel.



Each one of us inevitably experiences reality through one’s own self, filtered through one’s own body and mind.

We live in the illusion of seeing the subjective reality as if it were objective.

By recognizing subjective reality as subjective, we begin the path of awakening.