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Katrina Michelle

CREATING A CULTURAL FOUNDATION FOR SPIRITUAL EMERGENCE. Building A Global Psychedelic Consciousness Community

Psychedelics can be catalysts for transpersonal consciousness, personal and ancestral healing, and even genuine spiritual awakening. However, without a robust web of cultural support to hold us on the other side of these experiences, integration is often an isolating, challenging, and seemingly impossible task. This can often send people back to the medicines too soon. Over-reliance on these medicines, especially before one is ready, can result in fractures to the self and challenging aftermaths like spiritual emergency. Failure to prioritize integration in psychedelic communities can become a vicious cycle that begins to look like spiritual bypassing and addiction to altered states.Yet genuine transformation is possible. Integrating transformative experiences requires more than individual work with a therapist or integration coach, it requires a community that is willing to weave a new world with psychedelic consciousness together.


Dr. Katrina Michelle is a holistic psychotherapist who specializes in spiritual emergence and psychedelic integration. She is founder/director of The Curious Spirit, a private psychotherapy and coaching practice, former director of harm reduction at MAPS, and former executive director of The American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE). She has also lectured for the Integrative Psychiatry Institute and New York University, Columbia University School of Social Work, Fordham University School of Social Services, and The Institute for the Development of Human Arts. Katrina is currently involved in conducting research exploring challenging psychedelic experiences with The Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium, and is working on producing When Lightning Strikes Film, elucidating the phenomenon of spiritual awakening. Katrina offers consulting, supervision, and personally-crafted retreats for those interested in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.