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John Robinson

A Ritual without Dogma

Collective Effervescence is the reason people gather because they like the energy it brings them. This is a flow state where everyone involved beats to the same rhythm. No one does this better than religion. Churches, Temples, and Synogogues all tap into this psychological phenomenon. I believe collective Effervencence is what people point to when they say, “Whenever two people meet a church is formed.” Being seen and held by a container of this caliber can help us expand and fulfill our potentials. Regardless of your belief in a higher power or what dogma surrounds it, we all seek a connection to a source that can fuflil this. Rituals are just containers to experience collective effervescense and are not conditional the dogma´s surrounding them. Religions draw from the dogma to reach conclusions about life and there place in it. This experience will include art of all mediums selected by the audience and then prompt us to make connections between them. Come and share your thoughts.



John Robinson is a creative from New York.