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Joanna Giannes

Sacred stories: deepening relationships in leadership development – an organic inquiry

This work is the investigation of the impact of personal life stories in leadership development programs and how they serve as a catalyst in creating deeper relationships between participants. More broadly the investigation seeks to understand the impact of the use of story and narrative as a means to build more effective and meaningful leadership in organisations and communities.

The qualitative Transpersonal research methodology Organic Inquiry (first person research) provides the framework for examination of the sacred and transpersonal dimension to the inquiry which recognises research itself as a sacred act. Organic Inquiry values the sacred nature of our personal stories and the significant personal experience of the researcher that has an emphasis on the use, value and power of stories and transpersonal elements such as contemplation, intuition, and dreams.



Founder and Principal Facilitator of Heal Education Joanna builds capacity in individuals and communities by drawing from multiple disciplines such as anthropology, cross cultural practices, transpersonal psychology and contemporary leadership theories. Raised in the oral tradition, Joanna draws from her Hellenic ancestry of mythology, archetypes , elements and ancient healing ways to support people and communities to move towards wholeness. Studying with one of the world’s greatest Jungian Psychoanalyst Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes in the United States, Joanna is a lifelong student of ancient and contemporary healing ways. She has studied human longevity in one of the worlds Blue Zones Ikaria, Greece (the island where people forget to die) and is the first Australian to be studying Ancient Greek Medicine.