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Jim Eyerman

Access to the full conscious capacity of the brain

I invite you to experience non-drug approaches to psychedelic consciousness. Ordinary states of consciousness utilize only 5-7% of our brain [the
default mode].

In this workshop, we will explore skills to expand our consciousness.


When I was at university, Thomas Merton sent me a note, “Read Jung and Learn to Meditate.” A pre-cognitive dream I had after reading Jung, hooked me! Later, my lab partner at Mass General Hospital dropped a paper by Stan Grof on LSD-psychotherapy on my desk stating…”you will be interested in this”. A couple of weeks later, reading Krishnamurti’s book, The Only Revolution, put me into a state of higher consciousness [for a brief but life changing period!]. I refused Herb Benson’s offer to study Transcendental Mediation, considering it hypnosis; but when I saw the study results published, I began this meditation, and explored it deeply. Stan Grof developed a non-drug approach to induce psychedelic experiences, HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK [HB]. I became the first to utilize it with psychiatric inpatients. I have treated over 11,000 inpatients with HB, with no adverse outcomes. At Lascaux cave in France, I learned that the Magdalenian caves were painted after breathwork journeys, according to Jean Clottes, French Minister of Culture. Further, the Khoi San [ !Kung ] people of South Africa have utilized breathwork for healing journeys and to speak directly with God for tens of thousands of years, according to David Lewis-Williams, head of archeological studies of rock art in South Africa. Meditation, Breathwork, the Transpersonal – these have been the focus of my life. I will love to share access to this work with you!