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Jevon Dangeli

Embodiment Practice Workshop

Embodiment can be understood as being in tune with your soma-soul-social connection.

Embodiment supports healing and healthy decision making, while enhancing awareness of your emotions and motivations, as well as internal feedback on your relationships.

This Embodiment Practice (EP) also promotes intuition and enhances your ability to identify emotional and behavioural triggers, while enabling you to respond to those more consciously and resourcefully. Additionally, EP helps to balance your vital energies, cultivate inner strength and resilience, as well as provide a foundation for empathy and compassion. 

EP involves grounding and balancing exercises that bring awareness to what is present in your body, in your physical environment, and in your relationships. This somatic anchoring helps to restore and regulate your state if you are feeling scattered, fragmented, or out of balance. Therefore, EP can compensate for the negative consequences of excessive screentime – digital zombie syndrome. EP may also promote healing, sensemaking and integration for people in distress, anxiety, and burnout.

Ultimately, EP is about connecting with your inner sense of ‘aliveness’ and establishing ways to purposefully express your ‘realness’ in all areas of life. 

From the EP workshop you will gain a practical skill that can be applied by anyone. Therapists, coaches and healing practitioners will be able to incorporate this tool in their professional practice.

The Embodiment Practice workshop will follow these 5 steps:

  1. Collective centering – intentionally co-creating a safe and conscious participatory space.
  2. Somatic open awareness – gentle meditative movements and breathing exercises – standing or seated (e.g. jumi awarenessing).
  3. Somatic experiencing & mapping – embodied witnessing and making a somap (somatic map) of what is alive/present in your soma.
    ( Somaps can be drawn on paper or represented as a physical posture/shape or movement)
  4. Embodied inquiry – sharing experiences and somaps, exploring common themes and what is emerging/unfolding in the group’s shared space – collective sensemaking.
  5. Integrating – embodied journaling of your core insight from the session, clarifying your response to it, and imagining how you will enact your response. 

Join us for this experiential and fun embodiment workshop.


Jevon completed the MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology at Alef Trust. He is also a certified NLP trainer, transpersonal coach, hypnotherapy practitioner, open awareness facilitator and jumi (judo mind) teacher, having provided professional training in these areas since 2004 (accredited by IACTM). At Alef Trust, Jevon is the Transpersonal Coaching Psychology course leader and he is a personal tutor for students on the MSc programme. As a project mentor in Alef Trust’s Conscious Community Initiative (CCI) and facilitator/coach on the CCI’s Nurturing the Fields of Change programme, his core intention is to support the CCI’s aim – to build a community of change-makers who nurture individual and systemic transformation around the world. He is a co-founder of the Live Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to create opportunities for positive change by providing free education and empowering resources to those who contribute their time and energy to humanitarian aid or environmental sustainability. He also established the Open Awareness for Change Initiative, which provides groups with a practical system whereby they can harness their collective consciousness and combined creativity with the aim to address health or safety concerns, social problems, or environmental issues in their community or globally.