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Jaume Mestres Boquera

Intercultural Dialog and co-creating ideas

Department EUREKA Eurotas Ethnological Knowledges and Anthropology Intercultural dialogue is essential for the Transpersonal Movement to grow throughout our planet. Now more than ever we must use the most suitable tools so that together we can co-create, identifying which are going to be the most relevant aspects at the sociocultural level of the 21st century and which platforms we are going to use to achieve our goals. We make a call that can be heard by all cultures that are going through difficult times and that deserve special attention. The Transpersonal movement has to act and open up in this field.


Transpersonal therapist and coach.. IPTB Vice-director. (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology of Barcelona). Professor at the UAB Barcelona University. Since the year 2000, he has been carrying Transpersonal workshops in several countries as France, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Japan, China, Mexico, etc. As an expert in coaching, he has formed many groups of professionals in business and commercial management in European Union Training Programs. He is also the founder of Holos Shamanic Expeditions and Retreats, travel organization specialized travels and retreats groups for personal and spiritual growth cultivated in ancient wisdom of traditional cultures in Mexico, Uzbekistan, and Siberia and other countries. He is co-author of the book Travel, Feeling and Thinking (Ed. UOC) and Transpersonal: planet, culture, and consciousness (Mandala Ed).