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Jasmin Bloch

Who are you really? Beyond the roles you play and the degrees you’ve earned?

What do you truly know about yourself beyond the titles you´ve achieved, the roles you´ve played, the books you´ve read, and the clothes you wear? Most often, we live within the perception’s others have of us and base our self-image and self-worth on those perceptions. Step into your genuine self in this workshop. Through introspective, self-reflective exercises, creative non-verbal expression, and group dialogues, we´ll dive deeper into the question ´Who are you really?´, while registering what is and isn´t authentic to us. Through these various explorative angles, you can embrace the opportunity to unravel some layers of perceptions that have shaped your sense of self.


Jasmin Bloch, MSc transpersonal psychology and transpersonal psychotherapist (ECTP), M.A. creative art therapist, supervisor and workshop facilitator. In private practice since 2005, she offers counseling and supervision to adults, young adults, couples and therapists in training. Her clinical employment (2000-2015) was in inpatient psychotherapeutic and trauma therapeutic treatment settings, where she led groups, individual creative arts psychotherapy and outdoor-therapy sessions. As the internship coordinator, supervisor and instructor of creative art therapists in training, she has taught inspiring therapists how to develop their craft and grow into their roles whilst staying healthy. Over the years, Jasmin has facilitated seminars and workshops in her roles a lecturer, group therapist and former vision quest guide. She combines depth and transpersonal psychology with nature-based and creative approaches, enabling deep self-awareness and self-actualization processes.