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Irma Azomoza

Psycho-Spiritual Reset

In the Universe everything evolves, changes, moves, the information we had when we were university students, that we were born as a ‘tabula rasa’ (a term used in psychology texts) has nothing to do, according to Dr Grof’s proposal, with transpersonal life (past lives, evolution, ancestors, DNA, lineage, etc.), as well as with the basic perinatal Matrices, and with biography, in which, according to the research of Drs Bruce Lipton and Greg Braden, has also evolved.

The speed with which we live today drives us to turn to and find new, fast and effective proposals that aim to change the biochemistry of the brain, thus changing all the toxic elements we carry with us in our physical, mental and spiritual development. As well as discovering new currents on reincarnation, resurrection and eternity (Jacobo Grinberg, Grigori Grabovoi).

I would therefore like, through a fun and effective way, to share some neuro-magical techniques to RESET us and free our emotions, change our thoughts, balance our bodies and discover that life is all about being happy.


Clinical psychologist, PH.D. – Communicator in television, radio and press for 26 years, currently in radio in the national network Grupo Fórmula. – General director of the magazine GenteDpoder in the states of Puebla and Veracruz. – General Director of the magazine Consciencia…. From science to spirituality – University professor. – Candidate for the municipal presidency of Puebla (1989). – Coordinator of various social and political events and competitions in the State of Puebla. – President of the Transpersonal Council of the Instituto Universitario. A.C. of Puebla. – Rector of the Transpersonal University in the State of Veracruz. – He has received several national and international awards. – Some of his many specialisations: TREC Therapy (Rational Emotional Behavioural Therapy), with Dr. Debbie Ellis (wife of Albert Ellis) Trauma Therapy, Coaching. Pre- and peri-natal psychology. (Santa Barbara in California USA) Emotional intelligence. Experiential techniques. Psychodrama (Dr. Daniel Nares) Gestalt (Mtro Héctor Salama) Clinical Hypnosis. Super-learning (USA). Psycho-profilactic childbirth. Buddhist psychology. Shamanism (USA).