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Irene Ventura

Obsessive-compulsive experience in a Transpersonal-Biotransenergetics vision

What if OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) was viewed as a travel companion on our evolutionary path, a gateway to our Self and our unique qualities, a magic coded universe with its own symbolic languages and archetypal images to decipher,as curious explorers, rather than just a limiting symptom to be eradicated as quickly as possible or an enemy to be vanquished ? I invite you to join me on a brief journey where the world of obsessions and compulsions meets the transpersonal biotransenergetic psycology, exploring its wild richness and listening the messages hidden within the meshes of its labyrinths.



Irene Ventura is a visual and textile artist ( Since 2021 she is attending the Integral Transpersonal Counseling Course at the Integral Transpersonal Institute (ITI).