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Ingrida Indane

A small moment of Enlightenment

Nearly everyone has gone “out of the cave,” at least briefly. It can manifest as a small moment of enlightenment, a sudden revelation, and a loud and joyful exclamation. However, the usual and conditionally safe environment of the “cave” pulls us back… Let’s consider how important our creative abilities are and how they affect “coming out of the cave.” We should be aware of the role and importance of our creativity in the transformation of our personality and acceptance of a new vision of the world.


Psychotherapist, artist, educator, and supervisor. Holder of EUROTAS Certificate of Transpersonal Psychotherapy since 2008. Founder and director of Transpersonal Education Institute in Latvia, Board member and Executive director of EUROTAS. Studied visual arts, pedagogy, psychology, psychotherapy, art therapy, and family constellations.