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Hillen Cocq

Prayer Ceremonies

Join the prayer ceremonies to find out about your instant inner healing resonance. Ground yourself in the morning and digest your day’s experiences in the evening.

Let’s create a healing container to experience….

… the field response

… instant pain and tension relief

… your felt inner healing resonance

… calmness of thoughts

… deep rootedness

… felt connectedness with others

… deep meditative states

… emotional blockages melting

… unique-Self and group-Self

… higher synchronicity awareness

… openness, and curiosity while diving into the flow of the day


Expect the unexpected!
I’m happy to embark on this adventure with you!


In 1991, Hillen was initiated into an ancient Nordic healing mystical tradition, which includes healing by prayer. Since then she has been serving others on their healing journeys. Hillen is dedicated to updating this ancient healing tradition into the 21st century. In 1996, Hillen became a naturopath and has been in private practice since 2003. She has attended trainings in several alternative medicine and psychotherapy approaches. On her long, ongoing professional and personal healing journey, she realized that she could best serve in terms of healing through an emphasis on prayer. By connecting people to their own healing source, Hillen attunes the work to the developmental state and structure of the client. She provides prayer and healing sessions for groups and individuals via zoom and in person.