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Hara Willow

Sacred Sound Circle

Sacred Sound Circle – a medicine ceremony for multidimensional integration of body, mind, emotions and soul, aligning us in harmony with the Four Sacred Directions, Elements and their Powers.

During this Sacred Sound Circle workshop we will co-create a medicine wheel ceremony, using Sacred Sound to bring us into Harmony and alignment with the loving support of the universe. Using chanting, voice, drum and dance we will connect with helping spirits and the four elements – Tŷr (land), Môr (sea), Awyr (sky) and Awen (flowing spirit). We will then use these mindful sound practices to unite us with different aspects of the Source, or Unified Field of Consciousness, so that we are communicating directly with Spirit. We will use Sacred Sound to draw upon the powers of the directions; LIGHT – for guidance, protection and illumination; for HEALING – for self, other or planet; for expressing LOVE – as prayer, appreciation and release; and for PEACE – that comes from Union with the Divine.


Hara is a Shamanic Sound Healer and tutor for the College of Sound Healing (CoSH) She has spent her whole life communicating with Spirit through nature and sound, music and poetry. Since moving in 1991 to the Welsh mountains she has developed a Celtic medicine wheel, based on a traditional shamanic mandala, but rooted in the Welsh landscape. This combination of Sacred Sound and the holistic, cyclical nature of the Sacred Circle enables us to explore beautiful, subtle tools for restoring balance and harmony for the whole self, for others and for our world. In all her training in Spiritual Healing, Transformational Yoga, Sacred Drumming, Sound Healing and Authentic Power Practice, Hara’s work has always been about creating Inner Harmony. In 2007, during her Masters Transpersonal Psychology, Hara developed a deep connection to Sacred Sound as a vehicle for Union with the Divine for healing and transformation. When in 2015 Hara joined CoSH, Sacred Sound became the centre of her work.