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Guido Ferrari

A Long Journey. Returning to the Source. A spiritual autobiography.

My talk is about my inner quest that led me from a materialistic stance to spirituality. I review the transitional moments in my life: an encounter with a Tibetan lama with distant visions and memories, psychoanalytic research, numerous seminars at the Monroe Institute, meditation experiences in the Buddhist field, holotropic breathing experiences, shamanic experiences, encounters with great people. The long journey has taught me through experience that there is a source of love, harmony, wisdom within us, a refuge where we would always want to be and act from. We are spirit in a body, death does not exist, consciousness is eternal. We must try to live consciously in the here and now. It is already all in us, it is our natural consciousness.
My inner quest is the theme of my book “A Long Journey. Returning to the Source. A spiritual autobiography.”


Guido Ferrari is a journalist, filmmaker, author. He has worked for Swiss public television and is now freelance. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economic and social sciences from the University of Bern, and completed an educational analysis and training in Coreshamanisn according to Michael Harner. He recently wrote, “A Long Journey. Returning to the Source. A spiritual autobiography, ” published in Italian, English and French. He is the author of numerous documentaries on spirituality and history and portraits of artists and researchers. He has interviewed the Dalai Lama, Carl Popper, Eugene Ionesco, Erich Fromm, Ervin Laszlo, Amit Goswami, Sigmund Wiesenthal and others.