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Greta Sammartano

The archetype of the goddess in the psyche of woman

The archetype of the Great Goddess, a living force present in our psyche, one of the most powerful archetypes in human history, exists and manifests itself in each of us. Woman today seems to be unaware of the various forms of the Goddess living in her, and there are several signs that denote the broken relationship with this part of the psyche. The denied archetype, the potentiality of the unrecognized feminine, knocks at her door in the form of symptoms, character armor, and chronic transe. Facing such disavowal, the methodology of Biotranseneregtics will be presented, which includes and transcends archetypal psychology within an integral and transpersonal vision. The dialogue with the disavowed archetype will be recovered by getting in transe with it, thus allowing one´s personal history to be cleansed and purified, paving the way for deep transformation and allowing the qualities of the Goddess to emerge in awareness.


Clinical psychologist, EMDR therapist, transpersonal psychotherapist and teacher-in-training at the Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milan, Italy. During her studies she investigated the areas of wellness psychology, mindfulness and psycho-body awareness practices. He matures different experiences in the areas of psychosomatics, emergency psychology, palliative care psychology, assistance to psychiatric patients and psychological support within the Public Health System. She follows the methodology of Biotransenergetics, recognizing the power of archetypal forces and promoting the integral well-being of the person. She is also scholar of Indian Tantrism and others shamanic traditions. She is interested in issues concerning female well-being, integrating the ancient knowledge of different ancestral traditions within a psychotherapeutic context. She works as a psychotherapist in her private practice, and as educator in disability support with children and teens in Milan, Italy.