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Giovanna Calabrese

Postcards from the cave

Through some symbolic movements we will enter the meanders of our personal caves. Each of us will explore our own in a guided journey in search of the monsters hiding there. Once we have found them, we will remain in conscious and silent contact for a few moments, then we will search for the resources we need to face them among the pictures made available in the room. We will take the ones we need and back in our place we will put them in contact with our blocks and let them act according to the ancestral principles of the Shamanic Triad. When we feel that the process is complete, we get up and leave the room, a symbolic cave, in respectful silence, accompanied by intimate gratitude for what we have seen and accomplished in our personal journey towards authentic liberation.


Physician, PhD in psychiatry, transpersonal psychotherapist. I recognise a unique power of photography to connect us not only with our emotions but also with a more subtle plane of energy.