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Florica Motoc

Dare Your Blossom and let it grow upon some – a psycho-spiritual perspective for personal development

As people were disconnected from the environment, so they were disconnected from their bodies and senses, therefore in these times, we spend too much time thinking and a very short period of time experiencing. Us, as human beings, we experience moments of burning in our life. As they come and go most of the time without warning, tend to leave us wondering and not knowing why. The acceptance of cycling and eternal transformation of our soul, the infinite love and stages beyond time and space are new perspectives for the psychotherapeutic process in the future. When we trust ourselves to share our truth no matter what, and when we are more excited than scared by the prospect of greater intimacy and connection, we can move into a lifestyle that is fulfilling and more ecologically sustainable. Blossoming is about being deeply connected with our body and being free to consciously explore and express our sensuality and sexuality.



I am Florica Motoc, integrative psychotherapist, trainer and an adventurous life explorer. I combine psychotherapy, somatic therapy and spirituality in the recovery process that people go through to heal their body, shame, sexual trauma and somatic dissonance. The years of passion and dedication to training and experimentation in psychotherapy, somatic therapy and transpersonal psychology, as the constant work in individual and group therapies have paved the way for a personal therapeutic approach. I present myself with authenticity as an unwavering fidelity to that core of inner truth that is sustained by my experiences growing as a woman, the form gentleness of speaking my personal truth. More about me on :