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Flavio Burgarella

The New Quantum Medicine

Consciousness is a Fundamental; we can experience it through the Aware Informed Energy, represented by scalar magnetic waves in the New Quantum Medicine according to the Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH)® Model.

One of the topical issues in medicine is the possibility of combining the treatment of the disease with the need to take care, so that the patient subsequently takes care of himself to promote healing phenomena through a direct intervention on his own DNA. What a patient needs is appropriate information that he (the patient) can receive epigenetically from the Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH)® model, a cognitive bio-quantum noetic vibrational model of life aimed at healing sick people. With BQH we learn to use three parameters of quantum physics, such as Entanglement, Discontinuity and Intricate Hierarchy, in the medical art of prevention and recovery.

Methods: The energetic ability in the Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH)® model consists in perceiving clockwise or counterclockwise “spin fields”, to which we can attribute the meaning of opposite states, such as harmonic or dis-harmonic. They represent the perception of an “Aware Informed Energy”, closely related to consciousness, which is, according to the quantum physicist David Bohm, wherever we want it to be.
In BQH it is possible to send scalar magnetic waves obtained by canceling two opposing electromagnetic fields, such as those formed by the passage of oxygen-poor, paramagnetic blood, into the right heart cavities, and oxygenated, diamagnetic blood into the left heart cavities. In this way it is possible to produce “magnetic scalar waves”. These waves spread in the human magnetic field and represent the way in which cellular communication takes place through DNA, beyond time and space. They are waves invisible to common senses, but perceptible and usable by everyone. The message that these waves can send to the DNA is obtained with the BQH Copy – Paste, through the channeling of the harmonic information, which is present in the All-Inclusive Field of Consciousness, transporting, in case of existing disharmonies, harmonic health information from the past. Daily self-cleaning of the major chakras, minor chakras and aura is also possible thanks to the Field, without the slightest intervention by the conscious mind.

Results: The BQH perception of Conscious Informed Energy, with its clockwise and counterclockwise spins, enables us to interpret a new way of living with “unconscious awareness”, thanks to the acquisition of greater emotional stability and health, delaying the process of ageing, due to its probable action on telomeres.
Implications/discussions: The acquisition by everyone of the BQH perceptual ability gives the sense of touch new interpretative opportunities, favouring an evolution of consciousness that will lead us to the desired paradigm shift, replacing the current dominant reductionism with holism, a better contact with nature and with the spiritual dimension.


Dr. Flavio Burgarella is a cardiologist and physiatrist, registered with the National Order of Journalists. Honorary member of the Russian Federation of Cardiology and the Cuban Society of Atherosclerosis, he is the founder of Heart Friends Around The World, an international association whose purpose is the promotion of research, prevention and rehabilitation of heart diseases. He has recently designed and proposed his own model “Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH)®”, which promotes New Quantum Medicine in clinical practice He lives in a hermitage on the hills of Lake Endine, in the province of Bergamo (Italy).