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Fiorenza Tallarico

Medicine Song Circle

In my work with singing I help through the use of voice to transform shadow parts into light. Through the voice we can pursue the path of the heart.

I have been able to traverse part of my personal healing within shamanic ceremonies, in particular I have had the opportunity to learn more about the hinnos of the Santo Daime doctrine and the pontos cantados of Umbanda.

We will travel within the meeting of several voices. Each participant will express their voice, their chant or simply be in touch with the chanting that comes from outside in the silence of the sacred Self.

We will explore together but each for ourselves the space that in Biotransenergetics we call the Self. Through healing chants and the use of musical instruments we will open ourselves to shamanic healing chanting from a transpersonal perspective.


Professional educator, transpersonal counsellor, leader of therapeutic singing circles. She dedicates part of her life to helping retrain people’s lives through her work as an educator in the various communities she works with. In these, she acts as a counsellor as she leads speaking circles, Mindfulness practices and works to support people’s wellbeing. She currently collaborates and works as an educator/counselor in communities where she conducts projects in favour of the use of therapeutic singing.