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Federica Anastasia

The journey within continues

The journey within continues. Just when “going inside” appears as the only possible option, you may discover that it is no longer a limitation of freedom, but a precious gift. Grace that offers us the opportunity and the time-space to investigate ourselves deeply. “As above, so below” Ermete reminds us, “as inside, so outside” I would add. A push to make every “crisis” an opportunity to go even further, even deeper, to discover what was hidden from the eyes, but the heart already knew. Going beyond duality, for which there is no more energy, there is no more space, there is no more time. A starting point to realize that, when the priorities are clear and the goal as well, the support on the way is constant, in every nuance and in every crossroads. There is no one outside to ask for direction, right or wrong for us, good or bad, but there is training to “feel inside”, to “set the course out” and take responsibility for the rudder of your ship. Wayfarers, have a good wonderful Journey!


Federica Anastasia, psicologa, PhD, studente di psicoterapia presso la scuola BTE a Milano, libera professionista, poesia e pittura tra le passioni hobby, psicotraumatologa, trainer in focusing in completamento, terapista craniosacrale e facilitatrice mindfulness. Si occupa di psicologia, docenza, meditazione, comunicazione, con uno sguardo integrato includendo il corpo nei suoi 5 livelli