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Fabio Freddi

Ancestral Power Ceremony (BTE Night)

1. Ancestral Power Ceremony (BTE Night)

The Archetypes will be the protagonists of a universal tale: a collective ceremony, in a circle, to incorporate and dance the archetypes, awakening the forces of life: orixàs, divinities, heroes and heroines, caboclos, ancestral men and women, sacred animals and mythological creatures will come to life through us, to access the Time of Dreaming together. This shared space wants to be a hymn to life, which calls for the full involvement of our physicality, to return to unite body, soul and spirit. The intention is to ride the self-expression in a sacred, transpersonal and transcultural space that unites dance, music, symbol, light, shadow through the power of gesture and the power of sound. Participants are asked to bring their personal power and, if they wish, their ´power dress code´ (masks, clothes and power objects), to ride together a progressive expansion of memories, imagination and consciousness, without limits.


2. Ceremony of Awakening

We offer an open circle for men and women to share the medicine of cacao and the power of authentic movement with the Ecstatic Dance. Ixcacao is an ancient goddess of the Mesoamerican peoples, the goddess of the heart and love, who in this historical period chooses to meet us westerners, perhaps those who need her most now. Meeting Ixcacao becomes not only a symbolic act, but a ritual of love and union. During this space-time of contact with the emotional world, of the power of the heart, in addition to the awakening of Ixcacao, breathing, singing, music, drum vibration, movement, silence, dance and the power of the circle will accompany us on our journey of awakening. Journey that each person’s life purpose as a guide, an inspiration for self-realisation and a healer for others as well.
We await you at sunset, in silence, outside the cave….
The circle will be conducted together with Sara Gambelli.

[max. 50 pax, reservation required for cocoa preparation – if possible at sunset]


My name is Fabio, I have been a DJ since I was a boy. When I encountered the transpersonal dimension my life changed course, thanks to different paths from Colombia to Mexico to Brazil, linked to shamanism, meditation, inner mastery: since 2010 I study, practice and share the Biotransenergetic discipline, rediscovering the power of rhythm, music and spontaneous movement, and proposing Ecstatic Dance in Italy and abroad since 2015. Cold is medicine for me and I share its benefits as an instructor of the Wim Hof Method.