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Erica Francesca Poli

Untitled – of the irreducible and Consciousness

The cave is actually a place of interiority. Awakening is a movement of consciousness that suddenly understands the external world as completely internal. Nothing real can be shown to be beyond our perception of the world. Quantum science and the neuroscience of consciousness confirm the millennial insight of the Vedas and the mystery and hermetic tradition. We are in a time of Apocalypse, which demands more than ever wonder, faith, and eyes capable of seeing for real. The disciplines of the psyche, psychology, neuroscience and psychotherapy have the passionate task of returning from the I to the God, passing through the heart, understood as the brain, a wide-open door to the soul, the place of the transcendent self.


Erica Francesca Poli is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and forensic expert, counsellor and holistic practitioner. In 2022 she founded the EFP Academy, which disseminates the discipline of EcoBioAntropology and the interdisciplinary approach of health promotion in the complex systems of the individual and the community according to the IGEA method, which she herself devised. Author of several books, columnist for the magazines F and Natural Style and for Il Fatto Quotidiano. A member of many scientific societies, she has an in-depth and eclectic medical and psychotherapeutic training that has given her the ability to tackle the world of the psyche and psychosomatic unity up to the threshold of spirituality, developing integrated intervention and training methodologies such as the PI Method with Diego Ingrassia and the Polisintesi Method and developing a personal interdisciplinary and psychosomatic working method.