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Elías Capriles

The Total Transformation

Humankind is going through the deciding crisis in its evolution: either we complete the task of destroying the ecology on which life depends, causing the extinction of our species and perhaps of most other species on earth, or else we dissolve the vertical structures in the mind and human experience, and by the same token in power, politics, the economy, all human institutions, culture and so on. This requires the assistance of innovative psychotherapy, but mainly of the ancient traditions of spiritual Awakening. And it requires all-embracing activism directed at achieving the total transformation on which both the survival of our species and of most species on this planet depends, which is able to tell the value of the different spiritual approaches and practices, so that we don’t fall into the deviation that Chögyam Trungpa called “spiritual materialism,” which consists in inflating the ego through spiritual techniques. This, I used to call “metatranspersonal philosophy and psychology,” but now I am calling it “philosophy and psychology of Awakening.”


Elías Capriles – Teacher of Dzogchen, filosopher, metashamanic facilitator and theorist of transpersonal psychology. Elías has experientially researched on psychedelics for many decades. He created and managed Refuges for Spiritual Emergencies (Swayambhunath and Anjuna Beach). He received all the transmissions for Dzogchen and practiced that teaching in successive three-months retreats in the higher Himalayas. Then he further delved into philosophy in two Universities and produced a philosophical and psychological system of ecological and egalitarian tendency based on Buddhism and Dzogchen—which he expressed in many books, academic articles and book chapters. In Mérida (Venezuela) he helped create the “Arturo Eichler” ecological coordinating body and actively took part in activities of political ecology. He taught at the Universidad de Los Andes (Departamento de Filosofía, Cátedra de Estudios Orientales, Centro de Investigación de África y Asia) until his retirement, and has offered a great number of lectures in manifold universities in Europe, América and Asia. Currently he teaches Dzogchen in many countries, both within the Internacional Dzogchen Community and outside it. He is part of the Board of the International Transpersonal Asociation (ITA) and the Asociación Transpersonal Iberoamericana (ATI), as well as of different academic journals in various countries. His work has been discussed in books on philosophy in France, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela, as well as in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. Email: Webpages (to be updated soon, for the info contained in them is too old): (Many works can also be downloaded and ResearchGate, although for some strange reason access to many of the links was damaged). Facebook Page: YouTube Channels: 1) 2) 3) (search for “Elias Capriles”).