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Eliane Gerzelj

Conscious intimacy

There’s a magical moment that occurs when we enter the field of another human being, as we get closer, we start exchanging information on many levels: transpersonal, energetic, mental, emotional, and physical. I am gonna guide you through this exploration from the subtle to the embodied contact to awaken the power of life in our bodies. Sexuality is the primal expression of life, the inner force that gives the impulse to the matter to become alive. Shedding masks, conditionings and judgements, we will explore in a safe space the interaction with another human being, body to body, spirit to spirit, one to oneness, to honour this human experience and transcend separation.


Hi, I’m Eliane In service of authentic expression in life. I bring a dash of spice and playfulness into the path of awareness. I love building bridges to connect worlds, through my spicy, multicoloured, fertile, and unique way of being. Seeker and practitioner of re-enchanting of life, Italian by birth, I completed the master of science in Civil Engineering at Politecnico of Milan. After exploring the globe travelling, a burnout, and a long history of short intense dragging relationships based on sexual attraction more than real soul connection, I realised that spirit and body have to walk on the same side for real growth and evolution in this human experience. My spiritual awakening started in Brazil 10 years ago, walking on a desert beach, when I understood that building the longest bridge in the world wouldn´t take me over the inner existential problems I was facing. I moved back to Europe and settled in Barcelona where I became an Expert in NLP Coaching, attended the SAT program by Claudio Naranjo till level 2, and finally enrolled in a 3-year master in Integral Transpersonal Psychology. Meanwhile, after the last painful break-up, I started a one-year celibate that led me to explore sexuality from the perspectives of Neo-Tantra, Somatic Sexuality, The Art of Temple (ISTA), and Embodied Spirituality, developing my own sexual practice and approach to intimacy. Today I live in Ibiza and I dedicate my life to support people to thrive, through challenges in life and sexuality with private sessions, and I organise and facilitate workshops and retreats, in Spain and Italy, to guide curious humans in their process of (re)learning how to create “intimacy” with themselves and others. I truly believe that “Consciousness is Sexy”.