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Elena Toscan

When Soul meets Spirit – a journey into spiritual emergencies

The one who faces a spiritual emergency or psycho-spiritual crisis is the one who is called to master his or her inner processes, but also the one who will recognise the strong sense of the deeper purposes of existence. As stated by many shamanic communities, healing and harmony are restored when the individual remembers his or her true identity and reconnects with the spirit world, when one is in touch with inner wisdom. Biotransenergetics offers psycho-spiritual work to create the field to allow the expansion of consciousness to arrive at a clear vision of self and to express all the potential that is held within us. Through this theoretical-practical workshop, led by the Spiritual Emergency Unit, we will see how to reconnect with the allies on our path to bring strength and courage to those who are going through a trial or crisis.


Elena Toscan, psychologist-psychotherapist from Transpersonal orientation, author, trained in Biotransenergetics method also for teaching at ITI -Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milan. She is among the founders of the Spiritual Emergency Unit project in collaboration with ITI, which aims to promote reflection on psycho-spiritual crises and spiritual emergencies. She is a lecturer at ITI in the graduate school of Transpersonal Psychotherapy.