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Edith Valerio

Minarte – the Art of Transformation

Minarte represents the possibility of entering a space beyond the mind in which shamanism, technologies of the sacred from Transpersonal psychology, and music come together to create a Ceremony of Transformation. A chance to Pacify aspects of oneself and one’s ancestors that hinder the natural path to Joy, self-realization and self-transcendence. A possibility of Rebirth to the Self.


Edith Valerio Transpersonal BTE Psychotherapist, Spiritual Researcher, Hypnologist, singer, guitarist founder of Minarte. Awakening to an initiatory life. A continuous dance between deaths and rebirths, continuous learnings, allowing her to turn her gaze toward the search for ecstasy, pure love that moves the Universe. The Awakening of her Spiritual Gifts, the choice of Trust in Life, the allowing of being fertilized by the Self, reminds her that everything is Love, that life is a continuous search for Love. Her communication with the spiritual worlds enables her to be in Service to Humanity. Her journey of rediscovery leads her to experience different shamanic cultures, from that of Salento tarantism to the Inga culture of the Amazon rainforest, to the one she calls “interstellar.”