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Zana Marovic

TranSomatic Wellness: Integrating and sustaining personal and transpersonal wellbeing

It has been three years since the coronavirus pandemic struck the world resulting in global upheaval. Wellness programs that facilitate transition from anxiety and helplessness towards awakening, empowerment and thriving have a crucial role in future health trends. TranSomatic Wellness, grounded in the latest scientific discoveries, e.g. neuroplasticity and gut-brain, advocates sustainable and proactive approach in personal and transpersonal well-being. It integrates diversity of paradigms, from systems, quantum and positive psychology, to somatic processing, ego-states, and mindfulness. 


Dr Zana Marovic (South Africa) is a clinical psychologist, author, and an international trainer. She is current president of The International Transpersonal Association. She established transpersonal and cross-cultural training in South Africa. TranSomatic Wellness is her ultimate contribution to well-being integrating 30 years of practice and diverse trainings with the latest scientific developments.